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PHY 301 Quiz

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PHY 301 Quiz Empty PHY 301 Quiz

Post by Maha Malik on 31st May 2013, 5:26 pm

Online quiz....
i)Analysing the farward biase region of junction diode , the value of constant voltage,VT is
ii)When germanium crystal is doped with phosphorus atom, it becomes
iii)The width of the depletion layer of a junction
iv)which of following relation is true for turn ratio and voltage ratio of transformer
v)There is a .............. energy gap between valence and conduction band
vi)The P- type terminal of a diode is
vii)The electron valency for Si and Ge is
viii)Depletion region exists on ................sides of a P-N junction.

ix)In a certain loaded transformer, the secondary voltage is one third the primary voltage. The secondary current is
x)Leakage current of semiconductor diode is caused by.

Good Luck

Maha Malik

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