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A feeling I cannot explain..

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A feeling I cannot explain..

Post by Мѧяіѧ Мѧиi on 27th May 2013, 2:12 pm

A feeling I cannot explain
resides in depth of my heart
says no to coming out
a feeling with no end, no start

A feeling that makes me low
a feeling hard to show
a feeling of not achiving
a feeling of only dreaming

I try to share with you today
and achieve the dreams i ever saw
up in the sky I want to fly
and my wings, caught up though!

A feeling of fire, a feeling of rage,
A feeling of us being only actors, on life’s stage
Yes this feeling resides in depth of my heart
a feeling of meeting, a feeling to depart …
Мѧяіѧ Мѧиi
Мѧяіѧ Мѧиi

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